Chapter 1. Fresh Start.

ImageMy name’s Abbi Roush. The day I turned eighteen my parents had kicked me out of the house. I told them that I had no intentions of going to college and wanted to work my way up to being a chef. So away I went to Sunset Valley where my friend was the local pastry chef. With 16 dollars to my name there was no way I could afford my own place for a while, so she found me a roommate. 


His name was Caleb. Akward purple haired kid who had lived here all his life. Molly had said that we had a lot of the same interests and we would get a long fine. His parents bought him this place and told me that I would be able to live there for cheap. Exactly what I needed until I get on my feet.


The first thing I did was look for a job. They were hiring at the local bistro and I figured that would be perfect for me. I didn’t have much experience so I was only making minimum wage but once I was a 5 star chef, I’d be set and I just had to work my ass off for it.


Since Caleb was letting me live here I figured I should get to know him. We watched some TV and figured out he was actually my age. He wanted to be a Chef as well, loved cats, and wanted a family. I soon discovered why Molly wanted me to live with him, and wasn’t sure if I was okay with that.

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